Casino in the United Kingdom

Casino in the United Kingdom

Review of a UK Casino

Given the whole of the UK Casino name that is associated with the URL in issue, it would be reasonable to assume that you are visiting this online casino website from a British source. This is also directed towards a very specific sort of Briton, or rather, a very specific type of UK resident. Alternatively, it may be said that this individual is aiming to resemble a very specific sort of UK resident.

When you look at the header picture, you’ll see that a gorgeous gentleman is dressed in a dinner jacket complete with dicky bow, and his hand is in the right position to say something like, “I’m fastening my jacket button with flair and refinement.” It evokes just one thought in the mind of the listener: Bond.

Obviously, there is no tie-in with a franchise here, this isn’t James Bond, and the £10 ‘welcome offer’ for new members, which is written over the image in a big serif font, would imply that the clients aren’t likely to be super affluent aristocracy types in real life. In any case, everything about UK Casino is designed to exude a sense of sophistication, the likes of which have long ago mischaracterized British people in the eyes of those from other countries, not least those from the United States, as a consequence of representations in motion pictures.

Naturally, the fact of the situation is that most British people are not like the person shown on this website’s homepage. At the lowest end of the spectrum, they are drunkenly cursing, fighting, and attempting to bed one another in drab town centers in provincial districts, among other things. At best, they are elitist snobs who, while they may own a nice dinner jacket, are no more likely to share their wealth with you and I than the next person. They are also someone you should be concerned about gambling against because they most likely gamble all the time and have long since mastered the art of being like the house and winning every time. And I should know, since I’m from the United Kingdom.

Putting cultural differences aside, UK Casino is focused squarely at the United Kingdom market and intends to compete in a very crowded market for online gaming. While the website look is beautiful and quite contemporary, the menus and choices available when things initially load up are noticeably pared down and sparse in comparison to other websites. We find this refreshing, and it is definitely less overwhelming when compared to the plethora of alternatives available on the market. However, it also serves as a reminder of something we’ll discuss more later, but which we can mention now: this isn’t the most comprehensive offering we’ve seen. Nonetheless, it is visually appealing.

It’s about more than just being attractive.

They believe that having a terrific physique will only get you so far in life, and only for a certain amount of time. These are sentiments with which it is tough to disagree. However, UK Casino is more than just the attractive, chiseled, masculine-looking, yet well moisturized-looking face of the gentleman who greets you at the entrance. Continuing with the site, a quick scroll down the page for a split second offers a sense of the variety and quality of what is on offer. Some of the titles are really fresh and, as a result, are considered to be somewhat cutting edge.

The others, although not as exciting as the first few are still a lot of fun and, in the case of Slots like Worms and Duckula, certain to strike a chord with any gamer over the age of around 30 due to their references to a classic video game and a famous animated cartoon, respectively.

This digital cathedral of earning money (if that’s not too blasphemous) has a good enough level of’machines’ to be competitive, and the range of games on offer is also rather amazing. Every kind of slot machine is available, from basic three reelers meant to give the impression of being in a pub or bar to full-blown Live Roulette in a setting where realism is the most crucial thing to replicate to a variety of other games. You could even call it a simulation if you wanted to. We regret to say, however, that this also brings us to our first point of complaint.

Where have all the poker chips gone, John?

Unless you were reading it here first (which is likely), UK Casino does not offer a poker table in any shape or form. Or, if it does, we were unable to locate the game.

This is a significant error, and when compared to the standards of many casinos, it is just unacceptable. People may be accustomed to casino websites with the word “Slots” in their name being solely dedicated to Slots, or Bingo websites being solely dedicated to Bingo, but when something is referred to as “UK Casino,” you would expect it to cover every possible aspect of what might ever happen, ever, within an actual real-life casino setting.

Still, there are a variety of game types to choose from, including slots, table games, and progressive jackpots. However, the fact that even the Table Games section is only concerned with three distinct forms of blackjack and one type of poker represents yet another lapse in judgment on the part of the editors and designers. Every game imaginable has been played in front of me, from Craps to esoteric Chinese variants on card games you’ve never heard of. It’s possible that the latter is a touch excessive, but at the end of the day, isn’t it reasonable to expect a little poker? The same poker that people all over the globe play, and maybe the same poker that is the most well-known, most renowned (if not favorite) card game on the face of the earth!

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