Diamond Color Grades


Colorless. For all practical purposes, diamonds graded from D through F are considered colorless. While subtle graduations from D through F do exist, and are measurable by a gemologist (using 10X magnification to map the stone's interior), to all but the trained eye these stones appear perfect.


Nearly colorless. Most diamonds sold are in the G through J range. While the untrained eye still sees these stones as colorless when mounted, they are graded as slightly tinted. "J" being more pronouncedly colored or tinted than a "G" color, most stores stock stones in this range, and order in higher grades as required. Diamonds graded G through I show virtually no color that is visible to the untrained eye.


Faintly tinted, usually yellow. Diamonds graded from K through M show visibly more marked color, and are classified as faintly tinted or colored.


Lightly tinted, usually yellow. Tint can be seen with the naked eye.


Tinted, usually yellow, may progress to brownish. Tint visible to the naked eye, even when mounted.


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