Diamond Wedding Rings

Out of all the wedding rings available on the market today, diamond wedding rings and discount engagement rings are certainly the most popular. An age-old tradition, diamond-wedding rings have been used by many couples to represent and signify their undying love for one another. Diamond wedding rings have not only come to represent the vows one shares with his or her lifelong partner, but they later often become family heirlooms passed down from one generation after another.

Given the symbolism and the fact that a diamond wedding ring is an object that is so cherished, it’s not surprising that many people are extremely selective when it comes time to choosing a diamond wedding band.  Couples that shop for wedding rings consider the cut of the diamond, the size of the diamond, the diamond’s setting, the number of diamonds in a ring, and the band of the ring when buying wedding bands.  Each aspect of a diamond wedding band affects the overall appearance and value of the ring.

In terms of diamond wedding rings and the diamond’s cut, the majority of wedding bands sport a brilliant cut diamond: a diamond that is round in shape.  Meanwhile, there are several other diamond cuts to choose from and the cut selected is based on personal taste.  It is recommended that any wedding band with a cut diamond should be matched to an existing engagement ring’s diamond cut – this will make the two rings go together well, and to appear as a set instead of mismatched rings bought at two separate time periods.

The diamond setting is equally important when it comes to diamond wedding rings – a cut diamond will look quite different when it is placed in a channel setting than when it is placed in a grain setting.  Again, the setting must appeal to the purchaser of the band.  Unlike the cut of the diamond however, it is possible to have a wedding band with one setting and an engagement ring with a totally different setting—which is often the case and allows for the engagement ring diamond to stand out more prominently when worn near the wedding band.


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