Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

Many people believe that simply wearing your engagement ring while washing your hands is an adequate way to clean it. In fact, the soaps and other cleaners used on your hands can cloud and dull your ring, and it should be cleaned periodically to keep it brilliant.

The easiest way to clean a diamond ring is with solution of water and mild liquid detergent. A soft bristled brush can loosen dirt and a soft, lint-free cloth should be used for drying. Store-bought jewelry solutions may also be used for soaking diamond rings as well as solutions of ammonia and ethyl alcohol. Ammonia (in a mild solution with three parts water) is particularly good for brightening yellow gold, but should never be used with fracture-filled diamonds as it may cause the diamonds to become cloudy or discolored.

Engagement rings can also be professionally cleaned if they become overly dirty. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are the most popular choices among jewelers. Diamonds can also be boiled in sulfuric acid by a professional if they become extremely dirty, though this is often a last resort. If your engagement ring has any serious flaws, however, such as fractures or cracks in the stone, be sure the jeweler is aware of them because certain cleaning techniques may exacerbate the flaws.

If your engagement ring contains different types of stones, be sure that whichever cleaning method you choose is appropriate for all of them. Pearls, for example, are far softer and more delicate than many gems, and can easily be scratched or pitted by cleaning solutions recommended for diamonds.

Storing Your Engagement Ring

Jewelry box. Protection from damage and theft should be your primary concerns when storing your engagement ring. Jewelry boxes should be lined with soft fabric, but be aware that a noticeable jewelry box is the first place a burglar will look. A diamond engagement ring should be wrapped in soft fabric and placed in a padded jewelry bag for long-term storage. It’s best to keep seldom-worn jewelry in a safe deposit box. Never store diamond jewelry loose with other pieces – the diamonds could easily scratch or nick other pieces, while the gold or platinum setting on the engagement ring can be damaged by other gems.


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