Lucky Hippo Casino is a fun and exciting online casino.

Lucky Hippo Casino is a fun and exciting online casino.

Review of the Lucky Hippo Casino

In the event that you’re seeking for a more traditional online gaming experience, Lucky Hippo is the place to go. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we have to say about this website at this time. In operation since 2018, Lucky Hippo is a straightforward online gaming site run by Rival Gaming that offers a selection of classic-style slot machines to its players.

Costa Rican authorities have granted the site a gambling license, and it supplies users with the minimal elements for an online gaming experience. And when we say “basic essentials,” what we actually mean is that this site is severely lacking in so many areas that it is frightening.

Additionally, players may collect weekly incentives for the duration of their account. Additionally, match bonuses are given on a regular basis to help you increase your bankroll. Each and every new player that registers with Lucky Hippo is instantly enrolled in the VIP club. Furthermore, as you progress through the club’s tiers, you will get bigger incentives and VIP benefits.

When collecting bonuses at online casinos such as Lucky Hippo, it is always necessary to adhere to the terms and conditions. Remember that only players over the age of 18 are able to participate in games and claim bonuses on the site, and that there are always wagering requirements that must be met before you can take your winnings from your account.

The Entire Catalogue of Rival Slots

At Lucky Hippo, you’ll discover a plethora of Rival Gaming slot machines. There are more over 100 slots available from this developer, and you’ll get access to all of them at Lucky Hippo – which isn’t saying much, considering the limited selection. Why? Because there are so many more developers out there who are releasing more original and higher-quality games, Rival Gaming isn’t very important in today’s online gaming market these days.

The games offered by Rival Gaming are all quite straightforward, and they are aimed more toward gamers with a preference for old gaming styles. There are also just a few new releases from this company each year, which means you’ll be playing the same games at Lucky Hippo Casino for quite some time.

There is a limited selection of casino games.

At Lucky Hippo, there is a limited selection of table games and card games to choose from. There are less than a dozen casino games to choose from, including craps, roulette, Pai Gow Poker, and blackjack. For those want to shake things up a bit, this isn’t the place to do it. –

At the Lucky Hippo online casino, there is a section dedicated to “specialty” games, although it is also rather limited in comparison to the others. You may also participate in bingo and instant-win games – however, one again, there isn’t anything really new or even very intriguing to be found on this site.

Choosing Lucky Hippo Casino is a fantastic decision solely for those who are passionate about Rival Gaming’s slot machines. However, we don’t believe that will be the case for any of the players. While this supplier offers a number of high-quality games, this alone is not enough to pique a player’s attention.

Designing a Simple Website

Despite the fact that Lucky Hippo has a relatively simple website design, it does not seem to be a current online casino. The banner seems to have been cobbled together in Paint, yet the backdrop of the gaming lobby is completely void of any design. Except for the fact that the hippo mascot is quite charming, there isn’t much to say about the overall appearance of this online gaming site.

To locate the games you’re looking for if you’re a fan of Rival Gaming slots and know which ones you’d want to try out, you’ll have to browse through the full games selection until you find the ones you’re looking for. You’ll see approximately ten games at first, and you may click a button to see more – which can be rather aggravating if your game is towards the bottom of the list, as it often is. Even more complicated is the fact that the titles are not arranged alphabetically, which further complicates matters.

Forget about playing games on your phone.

If you’re looking to play free mobile slots, you’ll have to go elsewhere since Lucky Hippo isn’t designed for mobile use. You can look at the games selection (which is challenging enough on a desktop computer as it is), but you are unable to play any of the games on the site.

Using mobile devices to play casino games has been one of the most popular methods of doing so in recent years, and it is absurd that Lucky Hippo has failed to take this into consideration. Unfortunately, there is no option for mobile optimization on this website, which is a disappointment.

Using their mobile device, users should be able to access any website and participate in any game they want now. Lucky Hippo is a little behind the times in this regard, and it would be beneficial for the site if it could become mobile-friendly sooner rather than later, if at all possible.

The Customer Service Department of Lucky Hippo

The live chat feature at Lucky Hippo Casino allows you to ask questions and get answers. Once you have opened the window, you will be informed of your position in the queue, allowing you to determine if it would be more appropriate to utilize email or the FAQ instead.

Email assistance is available 24 hours a day, and you may anticipate a response within 24 hours. If you want more urgent assistance, you may utilize the live chat feature or go through the FAQ area. The FAQ, on the other hand, is not particularly thorough, and there are only a few queries for which you will find answers in this section.

Banking Options Are Limited

When it comes to funding your account at Lucky Hippo, there are just three methods available: Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin (a cryptocurrency). There are no prepaid cards or e-wallets such as Neteller accessible, which is a significant disadvantage in this situation.

When it comes time to withdraw cash, things get much more complicated. You won’t even be able to use your credit cards this time around. There is a specialized electronic check service that deposits money directly into your bank account, as well as regular paper cheques, that you may utilize. You may also make Bitcoin withdrawals from your account.

Possessing the ability to use Bitcoin as a banking option is unquestionably advantageous, since this cryptocurrency provides gamers with more anonymity and security than other banking choices. It is also well-known for having speedier processing speeds, which allows players to get their money out of the casino faster. However, this is merely one of the many advantages of playing at Lucky Hippo Casino.

Observations about the Lucky Hippo in general

Lucky Hippo Casino is not a gaming site that we would recommend highly – or even at all – to anybody interested in online gambling. The site’s range of games, as well as its banking choices, are both quite restricted. Another area where Lucky Hippo falls short is the general design of the site, which we found to be one of the most difficult online casinos to navigate. It’s difficult to discover games, and the design is drab to say the least.

Another omission is the fact that you cannot play on your cell phone. Lucky Hippo is not designed for mobile play, which should be normal for every online casino, but that is not the case here. This should be addressed as quickly as possible, although it would only make a little difference to the overall appearance of the site. As a result, the Hippo is now off the table for us.

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