Touring and plunging at Lake Constance: a blend in with added esteem

A large number of years, Lake Constance gives itself as a lake 1,000 potential outcomes, which draws in water sports devotees, yet additionally touring fans and health travelers. In a perfect world, the explorer could consolidate every one of the three. He unwinds however much he can, encounters pleasant towns and releases pressure both on and in the water.

Ludwigshafen and the plunge site at Schachenhorn

Ludwigshafen is one of the more ideal towns on Lake Constance with a lovely promenade and a couple pretty bistros. The Schachenhorn campground among Ludwigshafen and Bodman offers a jump site that is likewise reasonable for novices. The office is exclusive, a plunging permit isn’t needed. It goes down to a profundity of 20 meters, yet be careful: the Stockacher Aach meets the lake extremely nearby and mists the perceivability. Any individual who thinks for even a second to dive in excess of 10 meters frequently no longer gets any light.

Stringently guarantee that you generally have a pal with you to watch and observe the general jumping guidelines. Similarly significant is great jumping gear. This likewise applies to rookies. This guarantees that after your jump you can in any case partake in the figures by the craftsman Peter Lenk close to the harbor and unwind with an espresso on the quay wall.

Bodman and the Old Port winter jump site

Bodman is situated on the other bank of the supposed “Überlinger See”. Ludwigshafen welcomes you from across the road, in the event that you need you can take a pedal boat across. The beguiling town has a broad park region by the lake, incorporating enchanting washing spots with a level shore district.

This is a brilliant spot to walk and sprinkle about in the event that the weather conditions collaborates. Be that as it may, the Old Harbor is just utilized as a jump site from November first to Spring fifteenth, when the ship administration is shut.

At a profundity of around twelve meters, the remaining parts of the old port office anticipate the submerged globe-trotter. Jumping through the pilings and shafts gives the impression of being on a disaster area plunge. Perceivability is generally great up to 15 meters, yet remember that it gets dull right off the bat in the virus season. The jump site is likewise in the shadow of the Bodanrück, so we certainly suggest bringing a light down with you. On an edge above Bodman is the demolished palace of Alt-Bodman, which is a great touring object.

Constance and the Hörnle jump site

Constance is one of the bigger urban communities on Lake Constance, there is a genuine downtown area with a passerby zone and memorable houses. At the port, the noteworthy sculpture of “Imperia” welcomes you, which seems to be a little sculpture of freedom. It estimates nine meters in level and gauges an astounding 18 tons. In spite of its not precisely low extra weight, the landmark to the mistress turns on itself like clockwork. A level estimating station is concealed in its base.

At the purported Hörnle you have the amazing chance to put your nose in the water up to 30 meters down. Better take a compass with you on your plunge and ensure your route abilities are modern. Likewise, watch out for boat traffic to your benefit. Assuming you are adequately protected, you will actually want to partake in a fascinating tailings plunge site with perceivability somewhere in the range of one and five meters. In winter this submerged journey is free, in summer you pay 1 euro each hour.

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