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Ed Hardy Men's Watches

In the past 6 years Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy have turned “tattoo wear” into a fashion phenomenon! Having left no stone unturned the Ed Hardy brand runs the gamut. Everything from hats to hoodies to shoes to watches to wine to Smart cars (and MORE!) can be found brandished and emblazoned with Don and Ed Hardy’s tattoo artwork and Christian Audigier’s name. And everyone from socialite Paris Hilton to super model Heidi Klum has been spotted swathed in Ed Hardy gear. With massive worldwide appeal, even rockstars are sporting the goods… especially the edgier pieces like our watches. For the unconditionally hip, Ed Hardy watches are an easy way to wear the trend without being overtly trendy. Our collections feature pieces for all walks of life. From our best selling men’s watches like the rocker inspired Gladiator, or the mixed martial arts lovers Warrior, to our best selling wormen’s watches the classic Chic, or the edgy Victoria, there is a watch for everyone. And while we cater mostly to the hipster ages of 20-35 we also have quintessential pieces like the Antoinette and the Speeder for those who prefer a little less flash. Last but not least, for those who are slightly smaller, we also created a tween line (ages 12 to 18) in addition to our already existing kids line which are all vegan friendly. Ed Hardy watches embody the full spectrum of style for all walks of life making it both a fun and classic timepiece that will be sure to endure.

Ed Hardy Men's Watches

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