14k Gold

At Salmajewelry we carry only the best 14k gold jewelry items, but at affordable prices. We have 14k gold, diamonds, and pearls. We are able to sell our jewelry at discount jewelry store prices because you are buying almost direct from the supplier. We have cut out the middleman, so you can use the savings.


14k gold is one of the most popular karats in the U.S. 14 karats gold mean that there is 14/24ths pure gold, or 58.5% gold. Yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold, copper and fine silver, white gold is a mix of pure gold, copper, nickel and zinc and rose is a blend of pure gold and copper. Salmajewelry carries a large assortment of 14k yellow, white, two tone and tri color gold. In almost all of our pieces, necklaces, chains, earrings, rings, pendants, watches and bangles, we have the color and design that you would like.


In order to take care of your beautiful gold jewelry, there are four simple rules. Number one is to not wear your jewelry all day and night. Daily elements can create a dull film on a piece which is hard to remove. Number two is to avoid chlorine bleach at all costs. Your lovely piece of jewelry can turn in to a black color which is extremely hard to remove. Number three is to clean your jewelry properly. Many stores have gold jewelry cleaners that are affordable and easy to use. Number four is to store your jewelry properly. Dry your jewelry before storing and keep items separated so the items do not scratch each other.


With all this information, you can know take care of your beautiful 14k gold jewelry. If you have any questions, regarding jewelry care or anything about gold, you can call one of our educated customer care representatives.