Hinge Earrings

SalmaJewelry carries a growing selection of hinge earrings in our hollow earrings section. Earrings are great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and special ocassions. Browse our website and see the many styles and sizes. We carry gold earrings in yellow, white, tri color and two tone 14k gold with diamonds, pearls and cubic zirconia. We have a very extensive hoop earrings collection. We have plain hoops in mini to large, decorative hoops with cubic zirconia, diamond or enamel accents, bangle earrings, love knots and assorted stud earrings.

In our hollow earrings section, you can find our hinge gold earrings. There are several different styles and sizes. We have ridged, Claddagh, tri color, Swirl, Classic, Scored and Modern styles. Browse the selection to see the beautiful 14k gold earrings.